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No performing arts can better implement the concept of longing than dance. The dancer stretches and stretches, but always reaches into space. His movement often remains an enthusiastic search. Like the blue flower of romance.
With longing, Jean-Guillaume Weis tries to make the incomprehensible tangible, what drives us, what we strive for. This longing can be desire: for cohesion, belonging, understanding, but also for love. Sometimes there is a kind of fulfillment at the end or just this wonderful feeling that you “are”. “Le sentiment de l'existence”, which Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes in his Rêveries.

A production of Dance Theatre Luxembourg, Theatre National du Luxembourg, Ministère de la Culture de Luxembourg, Fondation Indépendance, Danz Asbl, Danzschoul Wellenstein


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General information sheet – PDF (1Mb)


Jean-Guillaume Weis


Concerto pour piano No. 5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73 "Emperor": II. Adagio un poco mosso, Chopin: Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2, CT 109, Chopin: Nocturne #20 In C Sharp Minor, Bi 49, Concerto pour violon in D Major, Op. 61: II. Larghetto, Sang viennois, Op. 354, Extrait (Valse viennoise), Sunlight M. Richter, Schubert - Piano Trio in E Flat, Amour et printemps (Valse viennoise), Cage: Dream
Excerpts of : La nuit américaine (Delerue), La Gazza Ladra Ouverture (Rossini)
Sound effects & Kulisse


Zeljko Sestak

Stage and costume design 

Trixi Weis


Anna Senognoeva
Aifric Ni Chaoimh
Francesca Chiodi Latini
Sakura Inoue
Guerin Phan
Hernan Mancebo Martinez
Malcolm Sutherland


60 Minuten


Theatre National du Luxembourg, LU

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